The love story between Danai Gurira and the universe of The Walking Dead (whose season 11 will arrive in 2021) is far from over. The producer of the franchise, Michonne – his character, will soon be back on our screens. The question is: where?

Michonne will soon be back

As we suspected, it’s now official: Michonne may have left The Walking Dead, but Danai Gurira’s heroine still has things to say and do in this universe. Asked by Collider about the character’s future, Scott Gimple – producer of the franchise on AMC, confirmed, “The ending that was staged in the series was, in a way, the beginning of her new story“.

Also, Scott Gimple promised, the katana survivor still has some nice things in store for us on screen, “Will she be back? Absolutely she will. You’re going to see Michonne again, yes. We’re going to tell stories with her again“. A revelation that should delight the many fans and which now questions us.

A return, but where?

How will Michonne reappear in this universe? The most credible hypothesis is that she will appear in the future trilogy of films planned by the producers. After all, the trilogy is supposed to be centered on Rick to tell what happened to him since his disappearance, and Michonne was looking for him in her last episode of The Walking Dead.

However, as we also know, the producers want to expand this universe further, especially through spin-offs. This has already been confirmed, a series carried by Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Melissa McBride (Carol) has recently been commissioned, while an anthology fiction will also be on the program by 2023. In fact, with a character so much appreciated by fans, it is not stupid to hope that the creative team will imagine its own playground … And this question always seems to arise in the offices since Scott Gimple didn’t want to reveal anything about it.

One thing’s for sure, it’s the zombies who are going to have a tough time.


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