The Walking Dead season 11 has been announced like the last of the series. And we know, in view of recent episodes and different scriptwriting choices, the end of AMC’s fiction will necessarily be far from that of Robert Kirkman’s comics. Also, a question arises: what conclusion will be reserved for Negan? Will the character of Jeffrey Dean Morgan have the right to his redemption or will he again sink to the dark side?

What place for Negan in The Walking Dead?

Negan tries to find his place in society in general and it takes him through different stages“Just teaser Angela Kang, the showrunner, with the LA Times.” ‘Will I be judged for life by my past? Do I deserve it? Can I fit in with these people? Do i want it? What’s the best way to bring the world together? ‘“, these are the questions that the villain will continue to ask himself during this final year.

However, where the answers seem logical at our level, they will not be so easy to find for Negan. Angela Kang reminded him, “He was the leader of this gigantic community, with his own rules. And in a way, it was working well. You can say that many people lived in an oppressive system, but if your criteria for judgments are mainly safety and security, it has for a long time allowed many people to be safe and sound.“.

The return of the villain?

Above all, Negan knows that whatever he does today, he will never be adopted by this new group, “The situation is now reversed, with a Maggie who is formidable, scary. And he knows everyone loves him and is ready to rally behind her, long before he does it for him“In fact, Angela Kang made it clear,”It will bring him to an untenable situation“.

After such remarks, hard not to imagine Negan becoming a villain again, which would allow him to regain some semblance of place and interest in this world? Yes, and yet the hope of a happy ending for him would not be excluded either. The showrunner surprisingly added it, “When you start from very low you can only climb“.

How much is it to see Negan sacrifice himself while saving Maggie?


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