The terrible secret of Sacha (who has a second family) will not remain in consequence in the universe of Tomorrow belongs to us. Faced with this discovery, Clémentine will simply disappear from the series. How ? The mystery remains unsolved at this time, even though Linda Hardy, his interpreter, was not very reassuring.

To Télé 7 Jours, the actress recently confided, “Sacha an extremely dark, complex character. (…) They will argue violently, and the situation will escalate.“And when we know that this departure is not of his will, but that of the authors, we can already expect the worst-case scenario for poor Clémentine.

Linda Hary moved by fan support

So inevitably, the announcement of this departure coupled with the circumstances surrounding it did not leave the public indifferent. For several days now, many fans have shown their anger on social networks and their support for the actress. And obviously, Linda Hardy is the first moved.

In a video posted on Instagram, the latter thanked viewers for this incredible love, “This video is the least I can do to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all these messages of support you send me. It warms my heart. I really receive them with a lot of gratitude. I thought not that you love this character so much. You will miss him, I get it. But I will miss him too, know it“However, she reminded her, even though she quits daily fiction, she is far from retiring,”I don’t want you to be sad, although I know that some people were very attached to this character, we will meet elsewhere.

The actress already looking to the future

And it is precisely this last point that she then wanted to clarify. Even if she would have liked to continue the adventure Tomorrow belongs to us, the actress has no intention of moping. On the contrary, she dwells only on the positive today. After confiding, “If through my acting, this work that I adore, I was able to touch you, I was able to enter your home a little bit, we will say that it was really worth the effort“Linda Hardy has revealed that she is already looking to the future,”This departure for me I also take it as the opportunity to live other adventures. That in life, when there are doors that close, there are doors that open and it’s important to stay positive about that. “

In fact, fans can dry their tears: we may not know if we will one day have the chance to find Clémentine in Tomorrow belongs to us, but we already know that Linda Hardy will do everything to get back to our screens as quickly as possible.


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