After two years of absence, Lucie Salducci (Lorie Pester) came back to Sète accompanied by … Marc Véry, her boyfriend serial killer whom she left to join in Brazil in the greatest secrecy. Their stay in Tomorrow belongs to us This was only to last a short time, but Marc’s state of health worsened, forcing them to stay in place, well hidden. Unfortunately, Lucie and the fugitive failed to escape again to the other side of the world, but neither were they stopped by Martin, Aurore, Georges and the rest of the police.

Is Lucie really dead?

To avoid prison, Marc Véry (Guillaume Faure) and the character of Lorie pester decided to commit suicide together from the top of a cliff, but there are indications that Lucie Salducci is not really dead. Viewers also find it hard to believe her death, they prefer to imagine that she has returned to Brazil. So, was she able to survive the fall? For Victoire, there is no doubt: her best friend is alive !

Solène Hébert spoke about this in an interview with Leisure TV : “The young woman will develop a theory according to which Lucie is alive. She’s going to find proof because she needs to believe it. It’s a way to hold out. This is the first time that a story has been ended by leaving viewers free to believe, or not, in her death, like Victoire.“The mystery therefore remains unsolved!

I do not close the door to other returns

In any case, Lorie Pester has never hidden her temporary return in Tomorrow is ours : “I only came back for an ark. Today, my life is no longer in Sète. I became a mother and my family is in Paris. But I am not closing the door to other one-off returns. I am very attached to Lucie.“The actress’ confidences date back to a few months before the broadcast of the tragic outcome, but hey, with the TF1 series, we can expect anything!


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