4. The story was almost (very) different

In Vaiana, the heroine decides to go on an adventure to restore the heart of the goddess Te Fiti, stolen by Maui. An inspiring film that highlights a young woman who wants to protect her people and who does not have a prince charming. But the story could have been very different: Originally, the film did not center on Vaiana but on Maui. Vaiana must have been looking for a way to save the boy she loved. Finally, the producers abandoned this idea, preferring to devote themselves to the course of Vaiana.

5. Dwayne Johnson influenced Maui

In the original version, it is therefore Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock who doubles the character of Maui. And the actor greatly influenced the design of the demi-Dieu: the animators were inspired by his movements and his physique to create the character. The producers of the film also absolutely wanted the actor to double Maui and the role was offered to him directly. For the little anecdote, also know that Maui is a true figure of Polynesian culture.

6. How did the songs in the film come about?

What would a Disney movie be without its songs? For Vaiana, the famous studio brought in a star you may know: Lin-Manuel Miranda. The composer and actor seen in Mary Poppins Returns composed the titles of the film and was recruited a year before exploding thanks to the musical Hamilton, available on Disney +. In order to write the titles, he traveled to New Zealand to attend a music festival. In all, it took over two and a half years to compose the songs for the film. Lin-Manuel Miranda even sings in one of the songs, The Explorer (We Know the Way in original version). Disney appealed to him again to compose new titles for the remake of The Little Mermaid.


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