In the event that the Covid-19 decides to finally leave us alone and that the cinemas could finally reopen, it is on September 24, 2021 that the film Venom 2 – Let There Be Carnage will be released in cinemas in the USA, and on October 20, 2021 in France. A project postponed many times, the fault of the epidemic, which is revealed for the first time this Monday, May 10 through a trailer (see in our slideshow).

Venom 2, the rest is finally revealed

In the program ? We are not going to hide it, the trailer is not ultra readable and it is difficult to understand everything. Nevertheless, we can already remember two things. The first, like the previous episode, humor will be omnipresent. And where Eddie Brock (Tom hardy ) seemed at the end of the roll in 2018, this time he should be more aware of his host, which promises us some mythical cohabitation sequences.

The second thing visible in this trailer is that Carnage – the villain of this film worn by Woody Harrelson, promises to be significantly more intense and thrilling to follow than the villain of the first film. Between an already disturbed Cletus Kasady (his human alter-ego) and an ultra badass Symbiote version, the upcoming clashes should be crazy and enjoyable. All the same, hoping for a little more depth behind this face-to-face.

Finally, a nice little anecdote: this video seems to wink at Spider-Man with a crushed spider. What to expect from an appearance of the hero in the film? When we know that it has been several years since rumors ignite about it, and that Peter Parker / Venom are regularly together in the comics, that is not unlikely.