Virgin River Season 3 is just around the corner. On July 9, Mel and Jack will return to Netflix to impress us. These next episodes promise to be thrilling. Both dark and mysterious, the writers will have to answer the many questions of the fans. Who shot Jack? Will he get hurt or worse yet, could he die in season 3 of Virgin river ? Doc’s state of health was also of greatest concern when we left him, and he didn’t have time to tell his wife … what if you can’t wait to find out more about this season 3 of Virgin river, Netflix has finally unveiled a small extract, relayed on TVLine, which does not announce any good for certain characters!

Back on July 9!
Back on July 9! – Credit (s): Netflix

In this exclusive preview of Season 3 of Virgin river, that you can find by clicking HERECalvin confronts Brady about his whistleblowing to authorities, casually threatening to assassinate him “on time”. Will he follow through on his threats? But beware, it wasn’t even that part of their unsettling conversation that intrigued … As you can hear, Calvin swings at Brady: “On the bright side, I guess you tried to make it all up, given what happened to Jack. “ But then, is he implying that Brady is the cause of Jack’s gunshot wound? For the moment the mystery hovers, but we hope that Jack and Mel can finally be happy in this season 3 of Virgin River.