You take your dirty underpants and you’re out of sight. You have no principle, I swear on my life. Cheating on my cousin, but you have no values ​​…These words ignited TikTok during the first lockdown in March 2020, to such an extent that they propelled Wejdene to take center stage in just a few months. The singer created a real buzz with his tube Anissa and followed up with other singles like Coco, and the release of his debut album “16”.

Wejdene unveils the video for “Je t’aime de ouf”

A year later, Wejdene is back with the reissue of his opus, entitled “16 ou pas” and composed of 8 unreleased tracks including feats with Hatik (In my bubble) and Jul (Single d’or) and the single I love you phew. A single that makes a lot of talk because the singer declares her love to a man: “I love you phew, I believe that I have you in the skin / Even in the morning, you are beautiful, I dreamed that of you / You are my prince in the castle and when I leave war, you put yourself directly at the front / Love is complicated, the feelings are deep.

But in reality, is she addressing her boyfriend or just a friend? His fans, very interested in his love life, wonder! They also hoped to have their questions answered with the music video for I love you phew, but unfortunately for them, Wejdene has chosen to prolong the mystery a little longer and to play the card of ambiguity. Pity !


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