After the success of his Coco pieces, Anissa, Reflect and 16, Wejdene is back with the reissue of his album “16”, entitled “16 ou pas”. A reissue on which we find 7 unreleased tracks including the single Je t’aime de phew, a new feat with Jul, after Away from it all, and a first with Hatik. For the promotion of his opus, Wejdene went to the set of Jimmy Labeeu and Guillaume Pley’s HQ, the opportunity to review his success, but also to talk about what has changed in his life since his fame.

Celebrity, friendship, loneliness … Wejdene confides

The biggest change seems to be the way people look at it, as Anissa’s interpreter : “People, friends of mine, are afraid to approach me. I have the impression that as soon as they see me, they are afraid to say hello to me, for fear that I am not the same, but it’s me. I am Wejdene! We knew each other before I was known. It annoys me. Looks like I did something to them. As soon as they see me, when I come back to my neighborhood, everyone is silent. It’s boring. I want to be friends with them

Wejdene, actually 16 years old, then admits that he does not experience solitude very well: “I feel lonely because I am surrounded by people all day long. There are a lot of people around me, I am pampered by everyone and in the evening, I find myself alone on my way home. The contrast is violent.“But the singer can count on her parents to support her in her career and to take care of her future:”My mom wants me to invest, but I don’t want to invest now. I am young.


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