Is Wejdene really 16 years old? After keeping her age a secret for several months, the singer finally revealed it with the release of his first album “16”, but since then, internet users have been doubting and thinking that she is actually of age. She has once again decided to cast doubt on this subject with the reissue of his opus, “16 (ou pas)” : “Lots of revelations for you“by the way posted Wejdene on Instagram. His fans are eager to discover these famous revelations.

Wejdene finds Jul and invites Hatik on “16 or not”

In the meantime, they can listen to “16 ou pas” in a loop, composed of 7 unreleased tracks including two feats with Hatik (In my bubble) and Jul (Gold Single). Wejdene is not his first collaboration with the Marseille rapper since they have already dated the piece Far From Everything, taken from the album “Loin du monde” by Jul.

The two artists find themselves today on an equally effective sound in which they speak in particular of the impact that celebrity can have on their life: “Since the buzz, friends have had less (….) I want to be known as Hallyday. Fill Bercy to the brim. I’m with JuL, so it makes sense: gold single“, sings in particular the interpreter ofAnissa.


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