Lucifer will be back on Netflix on 21 august with season six. To surprise the fans again in the first part of the show.

The Devil Is Back
The Devil Is Back

The crew released a brand new photo. Where the prince of hell has returned again or is someone just like him. Followers found that their similar person is Lucifer’s twin brother, Michael, in turn, will manipulate the earthly life of the Prince of Hell. But here it will be a surprise as the real Lucifer will return and find Detective Chloe and all the other protagonists of the series. The struggle will be intense, and there will be many secrets that we will discover together in the next three weeks. Also for the first time, there will be Dennis Hessbert for the first time, but he is not seen as a god.

What do you expect from this hot season of Lucifer? (Tell us in the comments section below.)


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